Muni Long & Mariah Carey Link For “Made For Me” (Remix), Just A Little Too Late.

Muni Long singlehandedly put R&B on her back when she released her infectious single “Made For Me” back in September of 2023. The reception to the record started off slow, but with the help of TikTok and the fact that is was/is a great ass song, it caught flame and took off. The track peaked at #20 on the Billboard 100, which is criminally insane considering the song was #1 worthy, yet that did not stop it’s momentum. The run for the track was epic (a good strong 6 months), yet as with all good things, it couldn’t dominate forever. So Muni and her camp decided to breathe new life into “Made For Me” by adding the legendary Mariah Carey to the mix. On paper, this pairing was the definition of success, yet I can honestly say, this was a remix that was not needed.

Made For Me” is literally 8 months old and had a hell of a run. To be honest, there are not too many songs of recent memory that made an impact the way that it did. So for a track to catch heat in the fall and damn near ride into the summer is nuts. But if you want to keep the track buzzing, the aforementioned remix should have came a lot sooner. When the song was scorching hot, Mariah should have graced it then. Waiting until the momentum has died completely down and adding a legend to the slap is pointless. Plus Mariah didn’t add any flare the track. “Made For Me” was a bonafide hit and no disrespect to Mariah, but the song didn’t need her.

But if you are a fan of both artists, then this track is for you. But other than that, the original was enough. Go give a listen to “Made For Me (Remix)” featuring Mariah Carey above.

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