Drake Returns With “The Heart pt. 6”, Will This Be The Final Diss Track From The 6 God?

Drake has finally returned with a reply after an onslaught of tracks from Kendrick Lamar.  The past fews days has consisted of pure chaos on the beef front. Kendrick responded, Drake responded, Kendrick responded two more times and here we are, Drake has responded. If hip hop is your thing, then clearly you have been in Heaven with all the back and forth. Yet with with all the allegations being thrown around from both artists, it has been hard to keep up.

On Kendrick’s track “Not Like Us“, he doubled down on the “Drake is hiding another child” allegation, yet as it turns out, it was all ruse concocted by Drake to throw Kendrick off. And in true petty form, it worked for Drake. Drizzy spends the entirely of this track attempting to debunk all the accusations that Lamar has thrown his way. Aubrey tackles the pedophile rumors, the hidden child rumor, and everything else that has been mentioned in the past.

Out of all of Drake’s tracks so far, this one is the most tame concerning production, yet the subject matter is surgical. The beef is starting to drag at the moment and I am not sure if either artist can spark it back up. With Kendrick Lamar now on the clock, let’s see what the next angle will be.

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