Metro Boomin’ Fires Back At Drake As Only A Producer Could, Dropping The Instrumental “BBL Drizzy” To Taunt His Adversary.

Metro Boomin’, who is turning out to be the catalyst for the entire Drake versus Kendrick Lamar war of words, has finally responded to the Drake taunts. True to form, he did it exactly how you would expect a producer to respond, and that is with a beat. In the famous worlds of Drake…. “Metro, shut yo ho ass up and make some drums!” and that is exactly what Metro did.

When Drake made the aforementioned diss on his “Push Ups” record, it was a stand out line and mad funny. I am sure that line has haunted Metro since it was released. So it seems that Metro took Drake’s advice and clapped back at the hitmaker with “BBL Drizzy“. The instrumental uses a sped up sample that plays off the BBL accusations that Rick Ross has ramped up as of late.

Say what you want, but there is no denying that the joint is a slap. To add insult to injury, Metro is asking for individuals to lay down a verse to instrumental and the best will be gifted with $10,000. This is by far, the funniest thing that has happened during this beef. So with all the serious allegations being thrown around, take a break and enjoy “BBL Drizzy” by Metro Boomin’.

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