Tory Lanez Brakes His Silence With His Controversial Album “Daystar”.

Tory Lanez has been embroiled in drama since news first broke back in July of a shooting incident involving him and Megan Thee Stallion. For weeks both parties kept quiet, until Meg finally broke her silence and named Tory as the official shooter, which most people had long suspected. Yet Tory stayed quiet and speculation ran rampant. Sides had started to be chosen and the support for Megan gained major traction. Yet there were still individuals who wanted to hear Tory Lanez side of the story. Then out of nowhere, Tory decided to drop a full length album addressing the situation. Whether you support Tory or not, we can all agree that the timing of the album drop was horrible, yet the album deserves a listen if you want to hear what Tory has to say.

The latest album from Tory Lanez is called “DAYSTAR“, which is actually his legal government first name. Coming in at a total of 17 tracks, there is a lot to dissect from the album. The most notably and the revelation that will draw the most point of contention, is that fact that Tory is claiming he is innocent. Whether you believe him or not, we all need to wait on the facts to arrive so that a proper conclusion can be drawn. Yet until then, “DAYSTAR” by Tory Lanez is posted below for you all to listen to.

Tory Lanez finds time to give us the video for “Most high“.

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