The Golden Era… Scarface

Lets take trip back to the year 1994. Scarface was proving to the world that there was life after the Geto Boys. After dropping two good solo albums, it was his third album that proved he was a bona-fide star.

The Diary” is without a doubt one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made. The Geto Boys alum was praised for this body of work and even earned perfect ratings in XXL and the coveted 5 mics from The Source. The album spawned two singles, but it was “Hand Of A Dead Body” that really stood out to me.

The track peaked at number 74 on the charts and featured NWA alum Ice Cube and Houston native Devin Da Dude. Production was owed to N.O. Joe and Mike Dean and still stands the test of time to this day. As the track picked up steam, the name was changed to “People Don’t Believe” to make it more accessible for the masses. The sensitivity level was entirely different in the 90’s and the fear of hip hop was actually a thing.

And we were always considered evil / Now they trying to bust our only code of communicating with our people

The ironic apart the situation was the subject matter of the song actually addressed this issue. The lyrics focused on critics of rap music and the constantly attacking of the genre. The visual for the video was so poignant and to the point and even today is still relevant. So for the younger generation, if you have never picked up a Geto Boys or Scarface album, here is your chance to go listen to greatness. Take a listen to “Hand Of A Dead Body aka People Don’t Believe” above.

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