Superstar Pride Earns A Top 25 Billboard Hit With His Single “Painting Pictures.”

Hailing from Mississippi, Superstar Pride has really made a name for himself. With no major push and being an independent artist, he has somehow managed to create a hit that has reached number 25 on the Billboard charts. Now just sit and think about how remarkable that feat is. The aforementioned track that I am referring to is a banger called “Painting Pictures“.

Superstar Pride dropped off his Ep  “5lbs Of Pressure” back in October of last year and the track “Painting Pictures” has been slowing garnering attention.

The song features a Faith Evans sample which recently got the track pulled from Spotify. I am assuming the track has earned a clearance because it has found its way back on the streaming service. Like most music of today, the track owes some of its succes to TikTok. The social media platform has taken the track to another level and has earned Pride plenty of new fans.

When it comes to up and coming artist to watch, you can keep your eyes on Superstar Pride. With his new found success, I am sure more music is on the way. Let me know what do you think of “Painting Pictures” by Superstar Pride in the comments. Is the track 🔥 or nah?

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