The Golden Era… “Ghetto Mafia”

Lets take a trip back to the year 1997 when the hip hop album “Straight From The Dec” hit store shelves. The album came courtesy of the duo Nino & Wicked known collectively as “Ghetto Mafia.” Repping out of Atlanta, Decatur to be exact, Ghetto Mafia hit it big with their 3rd album “Straight From The Dec.” The first single from the album “I Can Feel It” actually charted, yet it was the single “For The Good Times (Straight From The Dec)” that the group will be known for. Ghetto Mafia was helping put Atlanta on the map at a time when New York still had a strong hold on the rap game. With that being said, it just adds to how dope this record was at the time. Major shout out to Ghetto Mafia.

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