Calm, the Futurist Comes Of Out Quarantine With His Latest Joint, “Pandemic Freestyle.”

Shout out to J.Ethan Dupont for putting me on to Calm, the Futurist, a dope artist who I will be officially checking for. Check out the press release and the video for his latest record below.

Picture visuals born from restlessness and frustration, Calm lets off steam in quarantine, showing proudly he is ready for the gatekeepers to recognize. The gritty, color-filled music video captures Calm smiling and laughing, cutting up with his friends rolling dice, playfully posing as a drug dealer but actually serving dime bags of candy as he promenades the lonely streets of Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana.

His rapping ability self-evident, Calm, immediately differentiates himself from others, combining charisma and relatability that you do not often see in a young artist.

Pandemic Freestyle” is a song by Calm, the Futurist recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring an energetic beat by CamT1k and Robb2B with nonstop bars from Calm. Calm talks his talk, pontificating everything from money to girls to his elevation in the game on this must-listen, must-watch track.”

Peep the visual for “Pandemic Freestyle” by Calm, the Futurist below.

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