The Golden Era… DG Yola

Let’s take a trip back to the year 2006 and DG Yola, a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, was rising to fame with his debut single “I Ain’t Gon Let Up”. The song, produced by Kenwin Gates, is a motivational anthem for the streets that showcased Yola’s determination, resilience and hustle. The song became a regional hit in the Southeast, and earned Yola a deal with Atlantic Records.

The song’s catchy chorus and energetic beat made it a popular choice for DJs and as well as a hit at clubs. The song’s official video, directed by Gabriel Hart, features Yola rapping in various locations in Atlanta, such as a barber shop, a car wash, a gas station and a strip club.

DG Yola’s career was unfortunately cut short by several legal and personal issues, such as being shot in the face in 2007, being arrested for murder in 2014. However, his legacy lives on through his music, especially his iconic single “I Ain’t Gon Let Up”, which remains a classic in the Southern rap scene.

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