The Controversial Tekashi 69 Continues To Antagonize Hip Hop With Latest Release “TattleTales”.

Whether you love him or hate him, Tekashi 69 is without a doubt the most polarizing figure in hip hop. Having been counted out multiple times, the controversial rapper continues to defy the odds and flourish. Embracing his “snitch” status, 69 faces his critics head on and continues to put music out on the charts. After his prison stint, 69 hit the ground running, gaining a high profile feature from Nicki Minaj after most thought his rap career was over. The single went number one on the charts and rainbow haired rapper threw it up in all of his detractors faces. He kept the bragging and boasting going by announcing a new album once again embracing his “snitch” status by titling the project “TattleTales.” First and foremost, I have never been a fan of Tekashi, yet from the moment he first debuted, I have kept an ear to his music. Also with everything that has transpired in his life as of late, I have been tuned in like the rest of the hip hop community. So when he put out that he was releasing a album, I was intrigued. Can 69 really defy all odds and put out a number one album after going against all the rules of hip hop?

Sitting at 13 tracks, the album boast features from two prominent artists (Nicki Minaj and Akon) which is surprising after all the antics that Tekashi has pulled. Even his BFF DJ Akademiks aka Lil AK shows up to lend his support on 69’s sophomore album. Well if you are a fan of the rapper known as Tekashi 69, surprisingly still which seems to be a lot individuals, take a listen to the project “TattleTales” below.

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