Swazy Baby Drops Off “Prison Lab” EP From Behind Bars.

Swazy Baby who is currently fighting a 30 year conviction for drugs ( Rap artist “Swazy Baby” convicted in Dooly County on meth trafficking charges ), has put out a new EP titled “Prison Lab“. The 6 track project has a run time of about 20 minutes, and under his present circumstances, finds the artist putting out some of his most introspective work to date. I have been on record stating a few times that Swazy is one of my favorite artist in the 229, and yet this project makes me really realize why I took that stance. Swazy has mastered the melodic rap and he is really in his bag on this project. With JoshDidThat behind most of the production and Swazy pouring out his feelings on every track is a formula for success. Clearly the thought of serving 30 years behind bars and dealing with fake loyalty are the themes behind the project, every track sounds fresh. The first track on the project, “Letter From Swazy” is the embodiment of where Swazy’s headspace is act and the outcome translates to heartfelt greatness on record. So if you are a fan of Cordele’s own Swazy Baby, check out his latest release “Prison Lab” below. Let me know how you feel about the project in the comments.

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