Kendrick Lamar Drops New Bombshells About Drake On His  Latest Diss, “Meet The Grahams”.

Welp, if you a fan of hip hop, what a great time to be alive?. The Drake versus Kendrick Lamar beef is without a doubt the talk of the town. The disses are flowing like water now and I could not be more excited. Within the last 24 hrs we have been gifted with 3 vicious diss tracks. One has come from Drake and two coming from K Dot, with the second literally just hitting the internet. Kendrick’s latest offering is another musical, 6 minute opus titled “Meet The Grahams“.

In my previous blog, I had given the “response time” award to Drizzy, but Kung Fu Kenny has set the new record. Literally within a few hours after Drake’s “Family Matters” release, Kendrick is right back with diabolical rebuttal “Meet The Grahams“. In rap war time, there are no rules of engagement, so no subject matter is off limits. That is clearly evident with these latest diss tracks from both artists because the kids have been dragged into. The kids are a main topic of discussion and it is nasty from both parties. Kendrick opens up the track addressing Drake’s son and it only gets worse from there.

Kendrick spends the next few verses addressing Drake’s dad, Drake’s mom, Drake’s alleged child and then Drake himself. Yet the most damaging tea spilled on the track is that Drake is allegedly hiding another child from the world (apparently a daughter) and is tied to the freakiness going on in the entertainment industry. The beef has of crossed all lines and is hovering in the “no turning back” territory. The ball is back in Drake’s court and let’s see where the next diss goes.

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