Drake Wastes No Time And Unleashes “Family Matters”: A Scorching Response To Kendrick Lamar.

Well, it’s official; the battle is finally heating up with the disrespect. First and foremost, I am all for the “gloves off ” approach when it comes to battle rap as long as it stays on wax. So far, there does not seem to be any indication that anything is spilling over into the streets, so let the bars flow. With Kendrick’s6:16 In LA” diss not even 24 hrs old yet, Aubrey has stepped on the track with his blistering, tea-spilling rebuttal titled “Family Matters“.

Drake has set the bar with his response time, so clearly this one was in the stash, just waiting for a release, or at least the first verse.  As of now, there is no “DSP” release with Drake going to his Instagram to inform of the YouTube only release.

After the intro, the track opens with the snippet that was teased at the end of his previously released diss “Push Ups“. Sitting at over 7 minutes, “Family Matters” responds to many of Kendrick’s claims and even throw a few shots at Rick Ross, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, Future ( the entire field). So Drizzy is still letting everyone know he is not letting his foot off their necks. With the length of the track, the beat changes have become the norm, with the second beat change being my favorite. In my opinion, the most damaging claim throw out by Drizzy is the “beating on his wife” and “child not his” allegations against K Dot. I guess we will have to wait and see if receipts surface to corroborate the claims.

In my humble opinion, Drake takes the win with this round. “6:16 In LA” by Kendrick was just another jab, “Family Matters” takes it up a notch with a power punch. So now only time will tell if Kendrick comes out swinging with his next offering.

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