Joyner Lucas Dishes Up The Ultimate Will Smith Tribute With His Latest Offering… “Will”.

Joyner Lucas makes waves with his eighth single “Will” off his forthcoming album “ADHD“.

Joyner pays tribute to actor Will Smith by reenacting some of Smith’s biggest movies roles (TV shows) in the visual for “Will“. Without a doubt Joyner dishes up one of the most creative videos that hip hop has seen in a while. Joyner carries us down memory lane with reenactments from “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air“, “Men In Black” and even some of Smith’s animated hits such as “Shark Tales“. Will Smith even caught wind of the masterpiece that Joyner created and went to social media to thank him.

Joyner Lucas’s album “ADHD” is slated to hit streaming services March 27th, 2020 so hit up your favorite streaming service and give this record a listen.

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