Jeezy Snatches Up Producer Shawty Redd For His Surprise Release “Twenty/20 Pyrex Vision”.

Jeezy jumped on Instagram this past Thursday, March 26th to announce that he was dropping a surprise album.

Myself, as well as all the other Jeezy fans over the world rejoiced in excitement that some new Jeezy was about to bless our ears. Now only was the Sno Man giving us some new material, Jeezy has also linked back up with former producer collaborator Shawty Redd to give us the 7 track project “Twenty/20 Pyrex Vision“. The duo of Jeezy and Shawty Redd was a force to be reckoned with early in Jeezy’s career. With hits such as “Who Dat” under their belt, the anticipation was real when it was found out they had paired back up.

Yet when the project actually dropped, I must admit was a little underwhelmed with the results. Not to say that the album was garbage, it just did not bring that same magic that their earlier collaborations had brought. Jeezy goes at the project solo, yet the motivation seems to be wavering. Even Shawty’s production seemed to have lost that flair that it once possessed. Maybe after such a long time apart, the rust needs to be shaken off and if the duo decides to drop again, we will get that old Sno Man sound back. Lets cross our fingers, but until then, take a listen to “Twenty/20 Pyrex Vision” below and sound off in the comments.

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