Jack Harlow Blesses Fans With His Sophomore Effort, “Come Home The Kids Miss You”, With Features From Justin Timberlake & Lil Wayne.

Jack Harlow has been bubbling for a hot minute. Yet it was not until 2020, when he took the game by storm with his viral hit “What’s Poppin’.” There was not a day that the track was not all over Tik Tok. That joint even went on to receive a Grammy nomination. His debut album “That’s What They All Say” would go on to snatch up a platinum plaque to prove that Harlow was here to stay. Which brings us to his sophomore effort, which is titled “Come Home The Kids Miss You.”

3 Out Of 5 Barz

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The album comes in at 15 tracks and features a who is who is hip hop stars. Lil Wayne and Drake are just a couple peers who lend their talents to the album. “Come Home The Kids Miss You“, has spawned a few singles so far with the first being “Nail Tech” and the massively successful “First Class” with the dope Fergie sample.

There is no denying that Harlow struck gold with “First Class“, even though that “sweet sweet semen” lyric is over the top, the single is good money. So if you are a fan of Jack’s breezy feel good music, be sure to give this album a listen.

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