In My Unpopular Opinion…pt.4

Somebody Tell These Rappers To Keep Their Parents Out Of Their Beefs.

Another day, another beef in hip hop. Which within its self, this is nothing out of the ordinary, yet the new trend of parents jumping in the feuds is down right disturbing. Somebody tell me when did it become satisfactory for a parent to jump in the middle of rap feud????🤔 Now this is the point where I am about to let my age show and probably be labeled an “Old Head“, but just imagine if LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee parents had entered their beefs. Or if Afeni would have took shots at Biggie and Voletta would have took shots at Pac? How lame would that have been? The authenticity of the beefs would have been diminished and tarnished. Yet with the current crop of hip hop stars, it has not only become acceptable, it is not even frowned upon. Clearly this is one of those “Shaking my head” moments. First of all, I get it, the genre of hip hop for most is fabricated entertainment. Lets be honest, if I had to throw out a percentage, I would guestimate that a strong 85% of hip hop artists are probably not living the life they rap about on record. But I am no expert, so it is ok if you disagree with my assessment. That is cool, I honestly do not want my favorite rapper “murdering and slanging dope“. Is not that the reason they started rapping, to quit those type of things and leave that life behind??? But yet if you choose to portray that persona on record, then my expectations for you are a little different. Let me explain.

If an artist tell me they “tough and gangsta” on record, then as a fan I do expect a certain type of toughness about you. Do I expect you to “walk around random hoods with no security?”, nah, not really. Do I expect you “to murder individuals who do not agree with you?”, nah, lets be serious. The aforementioned examples are ludicrous and honestly plays more on the intelligence of the fan than the actual artist. Yet I do expect that when you as an artist have beef with a fellow artist, that it is kept on wax and that parents do not intervene. Hip hop has and will always be a competitive sport, so for the group that will chime in and state that the actual issue is the “beef“, let it go. Competitive beef is OK, as long as it it kept on record and I stand by that statement. I have never been a supporter of beef that has spilled off of record. But back to the issue at hand, it will never be a good look for a parent of an artist to jump in the feud.

The situation that has put this on my mind, stems from the current beef hip hop artist NBA Youngboy and Kodak Black.

The two artists issues with each other hit an apex when Kodak implied from behind bars that NBA Youngboy was “cooperating with police“. Cooperating with police in hip hop and even in the black community in general is one of those things that seems to be universally agreed upon to not partake in. So Youngboy took it as a major diss coming from the incarcerated rapper and the back and forth ensued. Yet it all went left field when Youngboy’s mother decided to let off her two cents in the matter.

As a parent myself, I understand the mentality to protect your kids at all cost, but jumping into a rap beef does not count. Ms.Sherhonda Gaulden let your grown son handle his own beef, please! Jumping on Instagram and telling your grown son and I quote… “he better let every motherfucking bullet out that he got in his motherfucking gun. And he better reload it and let that bitch out again…” is not the move. First it adds fire to an already unnecessary beef and it makes NBA Youngboy’s mother a target in this spat. But to head back to my “toughness” theme, how can a rapper who raps about drugs, sex, and murder keep their tough persona if their mother has to fight their battles? Better yet, why would you want your mother to fight your battles would be a better question. Once again, I’m from a different generation where rap beefs were a proving point. Mc’s would put their most ferocious lyrics on wax and attempt to destroy their opponent. Whether it was Jadakiss vs. Beanie Sigel or Drake vs. Meek Mill, the parents were kept out of the feud as they should have been. But why am I dedicating blog space to something that should be common sense, rappers keep your mom, dad, and even grandmother out of your rap beefs. It would greatly be appreciated.



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