After A 4 Year Hiatus, Bia Is Ready To Carve Out Her Lane In Hip Hop.

Bia is back and ready as ever to establish her name as a major force in the hip hop community. After being featured on the mega successful single 2019 “Best On Earth” by Russ, Bia’s name was thrust back into the spotlight after a long hiatus. Bia first gained traction back in 2014 when she inked a joint venture deal with RCA Records and Pharrell’sI Am OTHER” record label. With the all too familiar issues that seem to always come with record deals, Bia was shelved for the next 4 years. Yet apparently, all the label drama has been rectified and the Massachusetts rapper is ready to unleash her talent upon the world. Her first single titled “Free Bia (1st Day Out)” from her upcoming EP “Rich Tierz” was given the visual treatment and allowed the mc to flex her lyrical chops. Bia followed up with her second single “Cover Girl” to keep the momentum going. Check out the videos below.

Bia keeps the buzz going with second single “Cover Girl“.

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