Happy New Year 2022, We Here!

Happy New Year to all, 2022 is finally upon us. With all the craziness going on, we made it, we are HERE! As we close out the year, the usual suspects of Mad Skillz and Uncle Murda have come thru with the yearly end rap-ups. Mad Skillz, the pioneer of the trend, drops what could potentially be his last version of the “yearly rap-up.” The Virginia based artist touches on topics ranging from the Capital riots to the Coming To America sequel. Peep it below.

Uncle Murda, who has been holding the trend down for the past few years, also comes thru with his version and it is as disrespectful as ever. Whether it was Squid Games or the Dipset & The Lox Verzuz battle, nothing was off limits from Uncle Murda. Check it out below.

With the start of a new year, expect www.Barzoverbeats.com to continue to give you all that dope, unfiltered hip hop. Much love, peace & blessings!

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