Capo Jet Returns With New Album “Beady Bloxk”.

The 912 has been on fire as of late when it comes to hot music, so when Capo Jet hit me up and told me he had a project dropping, I knew the trend would continue. The Georgia native is back with newest project titled “Beady Bloxk.”

Clocking in about 22 minutes and containing 10 tracks, the album is short, yet cohesive. With no features credited, Capo handles the entire album solo. For many artists, that could potentially be a tough feat, yet Capo is more than capable of carrying the project which he does with ease.  “Beady Bloxk” comes off as a personal album that seems to be dedicated to a fallen homie, yet it is far from somber. The production is hard-hitting and matches the aggressiveness of Jet’s lyrics.

Stand out tracks include “On Da Run” and “Last Jet Standing“, with the former having a visual which can be seen below. And for the real hip hop fans, if you listen closely you can hear the Jay Z’sDead Presidents 2” sample baked into the production of “Last Jet Standing“.

I know the year is still young, and not much music has been released, but “Beady Bloxk” by Capo Jet is without a doubt one of the dopest releases so far. And I stand on that. 💯💪🏾. Go give this joint multiple listens on your favorite streaming service. Let me know what you think of the album in the comments.

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