After A 26 Year Wait, Juvenile Gives Us The Visuals For His Classic Track “400 Degreez”.

Juvenile is without a doubt one of the hottest artist to ever come out of the south. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, his music was a staple everywhere. Who doesn’t remember “Ha” or “Back That Azz Up“? Those joints still get major spins today at the clubs, yet even after being nearly 26 years old. Yes, Juvie dropped his breakout 3rd album “400 Degreez” back in November of 1998. Yet to commemorate the longevity of the album, Juvenile has decided to release the visuals for the title track. The song “400 Degreez” was a gem off of the album and you better believe it got just as much play as the official singles from the album. So if you are a fan of the Cash Money era, take a trip down memory lane and peep the video for “400 Degreez” by Juvenile below.

Peep the deluxe version of “400 Degreez” by Juvenile below.

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