Wiz Khalifa And AD Gets Soulful With Their Latest Release.

Wiz Khalifa links up with the west coast’s lyricist “AD” to sail over the soulful production of Big Jerm. Honestly speaking, I have never been a big Wiz fan. I always thought he had potential, yet just felt he did not quite live up to it. But with his latest one-off single “Chappelle’s Show“, I just may slowly start to have a change of heart. The Taylor Gang boss really cooked on the track. AD came thru with a verse drapped in swag, yet even as good as it was, it did not outshine Wiz. The only issue that I have with this record is the length, and that it is entirely too short. Yet if Wiz Khalifa can keep churning out these type of hits, he may earn another fan such as myself.

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