With Migos Breakup Rumors Floating Around, Quavo & Takeoff Link Up As Unc & Phew And Drops Off “Hotel Lobby.”

Have the Migos called it quits? At the moment, no one seems to know the answer but the Migos. Rumors have been running rampart as late with internet sleuths noticing that Offset has unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff on Twitter. Yet to add more fuel to the fire, Quavo and Takeoff have officially dropped new music under new monikers. They are going by Unc and Phew. Now maybe all this is just ironic or speculation, because the Migos or their representatives have not come out and addressed the rumors. Well as for now, Unc and Phew has a new banger out called “Hotel Lobby” and it is flames. Check out the visual for the new track below.

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