Westside Gunn Comes Thru His Shady Records Debut, “Who Made The Sunshine”.

Westside Gunn has been preaching about his retirement from the rap game for a minute, stating that the end of 2020 will be the last we hear from the Buffalo rapper. Yet until then, he continues to flood the game with damn near flawless projects. Westside’s latest release is titled “Who Made The Sunshine” and will go down as his official Shady Records debut. Surprisingly no artist from the Shady roster showed up for features, not even Eminem, yet Westside can easily hold down an album dolo. But being one of the best in the industry comes with perks, because other high caliber artist showed up to lend support. Slick Rick and Busta Rhymes showed up to tackle guest feature duties. Alchemist and Conductor Williams lend their talent to the production side to deliver that grimy, beat-looping production that any Griselda release showcases. So take a listen to the 11 track offering “Who Made The Sunshine” by Westside Gunn below.

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