In My Unpopular Opinion… pt.1

Snoop Was Wrong! I Said What I said!

Well let’s talk. Unless you have been hibernating under a rock with no wifi connection, I am sure that you have come across or at least heard about the Gayle King controversy. For those three and half people that have not been in touch with the latest head line grabbing media story, let me give you a little background information…..

Gayle King who gained popularity for her relationship with Oprah, actually has a legit job and that is being the lead anchor of “CBS This Morning”. Yet it was on this actual news platform that Gayle started a shit storm. During an interview that aired this past Tuesday, Gayle was joined by former WNBA star Lisa Leslie to discuss her relationship that she had with recently deceased NBA star Kobe Bryant. But during this interview, things started to sour when Gayle brought up the sexual assault allegations that Kobe faced back in 2003.

Multiple times Gayle forwarded question toward Lisa about the sexual assault allegations against Kobe Bryant. Yet with poise and professionalism, Lisa answered the questions with finesse and grace. Even when Gayle pushed harder, Lisa responded with the gem “the media should be more respectful” alluding to many people across the world are still mourning the death of Kobe and it is not the appropriate time to bring up that subject.

Before the full interview could air, CBS decided to post a short clip of the segment to build up intrigue, yet the portion they aired would turn out to be the most controversial. CBS put forth a clip focusing on the exchange of Gayle and Lisa discussing Kobe’s alleged sexual assault. Now take into context, Kobe is recently deceased. He literally passed away just 12 days ago. So with the way the world is set up today, social media would get a whiff of the interview and all hell would break loose. Gayle King would be thrust into the court of public opinion.

Many took to Facebook and Twitter to defend the legacy of Kobe Bryant including other celebrities. Two celebrities who were really vocal, were Snoop and Boosie. Both decided to go to their social medium of choice and post videos voicing their displeasure of how Gayle conducted the interview.

Boosie jumped off the porch first with how he felt. He made it clear that he was angered because Gayle should not have targeted Kobe especially since he is the same race as her. Boosie stated that he thought she intentionally tried to tarnish Kobe’s image with the reason being to gain success. Yet it was Snoop who took it to another level.

First let me throw out this disclaimer…… I would never tell anyone how to react, that is your prerogative. I truly understand where the anger is originating from.

1.) A celebrity who impacted people all over the world lost his life and those same impacted people are still in mourning.

2.) Kobe’s death is still fresh on everyone’s mind.

3.) The alleged sexual assault case (from 2003) was actually dropped because because the accuser refused to testify.

4.) a civil suit was settled out of court

So to sum it all up, the case against Kobe was dropped and it was never proven that he sexually assaulted anymore so the man died innocent. Yet there are a lot of individuals walking God’s green earth who refuse to accept the facts and believe that Kobe did not do what he was accused of. So all of this is why Gayle received the backlash that she did. But Gayle decided that she was not going to take all the smoke without trying to clear her name.

After attempting to clear the air (which at the moment seems to not be working), Gayle has went into seclusion. I pray that she overcomes all the heat she is dealing with even though some of it may be warranted. But that does not excuse the fact that Snoop was wrong. He literally called a black woman who is a mother of two, a “funky dog head bitch!” while threatening to “come get her”. Please stop the madness! This tirade from Snoop was totally unnecessary. Was Gayle wrong? Hell yeah! Did she had ill intentions with interview? Hell, I don’t know. But I do know that Snoop took it too far. The man literally threatened to “come get her”. Damn how you feel about Gayle King, she was undeserving of the verbal abuse that Snoop spewed upon her.

This Is My Opinion And You All Are Entitled To It

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