The Sequel Series….Featuring Poison Clan.

Poison Clan established themselves as one of the hardest groups to be signed to Luke Records back in the early 90’s. Bass music had the south in a chokehold and label boss Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke was at the forefront. So when Poison Clan hit the scene, it was a complete change of pace. Besides their ass shaking anthem “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya“; which they are famously known for, it was their hard hitting rhymes that the die-hard fans fell in love with. Yet for a group like Poison Clan, they proved that they could also get in their story telling bag and shine. Which brings us to their classic “Ho Stories” series. JT Money not only shines on these records, his comedic story telling is on full display. The original “Ho Stories” dropped in 1992 on their sophomore album “Poisonous Mentality“. They would follow the original up with “Ho Stories pt.2” a year later on album number three titled “Rufftown Behavior“. For anyone who has never heard these dope as hell Poison Clan records, take a listen to “Ho Stories” and “Ho Stories pt.2” below. Enjoy the nostalgia.

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