The Golden Era… Cru

Let’s take a trip back to the year 1997. Three mcs out of South Bronx cooked up a 30 track album (well 21 tracks and 9 skits) that would be known as the “Da Dirty 30“. Yogi, Chadio, and The Mighty Ha would be known to the world as Cru aka The Rhythm Blunt Cru and “Da Dirty 30” would be their debut project. The album featured some heavyweights in the game such as Rass Kass and the LOX before their Bad Boy days. Surprisingly as good as the was, it was actually slept on and until this day, still is. Lyrical the album held it’s on and the production was top notch. Cru put out a few singles such as “Bubblin” and “Just Another Case“, which the latter featured Slick Rick. If you are a fan of 90’s hip hop and you missed this gem, do not sleep and give this album a listen.

Check out the video for “Bubblin” by Cru below.

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