Tekashi 69 Is Back But Does Anyone Care”?

We knew it was coming, we just did not know when. 6ix9ine has been out of the spotlight for about 2 years, but as bad as most wanted it to stay that way, he has officially returned with new music.

The industry’s biggest troll is back with his newest single titled “Giné“. The track flows in typical 6ix9ine fashion with extremely colorful visuals and loud, aggressive lyrics. Also there are subtle jabs thrown throughout the record especially at his foe Lil Durk. Beef aside, apparently “Giné” is a type of energy drink that get placement throughout the video.

Hate him or love him, whenever 69 surfaces, the world tunes in.  As of now, the visuals for “Giné” have been on YouTube for about 20 hours and has over 4.7 million views and that is insane. This guy continues to defy the odds and push the limits with no reprocussions and I can not explain how. But if his music is your cup of tea, give “Giné” a listen and let me know in the comments if you think this track is the comeback track that 69 needs?

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