Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce Straight Up Spaz On The Chart Topping “Savage” Remix.

Megan Thee Stallion has been gunning for dominance in the female genre of rap and if she continues on her current path, that goal is highly achievable. With her latest EP “Suga” still getting crazy streams, Megan decides to add more shelf life to her viral hit single “Savage“. “Savage” has literally taken over the social media platform Tik Tok and everybody has attempted the viral dance that accompanies the song. With the single getting as big as it has gotten, one would think the song has reached it’s peak, well Hot Girl Meg had other plans.

Megan decided to it back to her home state of Texas and grab fellow Texas native, the one and only Beyonce for the remix. Now only did Beyonce jump on the hit song “Savage“, Queen B took it a step further by showcasing her rapping ability. This was all it took for the internet to go nuts. Megan even chose to donate all the proceeds from the track to the charity “Bread of Life Houston“. Mad props to Hot Girl Meg for the generosity. So for now, check out the “Savage“(Remix) and check Tik Tok for the latest iteration of the #SavageRemixChallenge

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