Lola Brooke Puts The Game On Notice With New Single “So Disrespectful.”

I am sure by now, you have heard the name Lola Brooke. Blessed with talent and being capable of launching off firery, boisterous lyrics, the female mc has caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the game.

The New Yorker’s single “Don’t Play With It” has slowly earned its way onto everyone’s Playlists. Released way back in 2021, the single is now a mainstay on radio stations all over the country. Yet not one to rest on her laurels, Lola is back with more heat. Her latest offering is called “So Disrespectful“.

Lola Brooke is literally carving out her own lane in the industry. Female Mc’s are making a commercial comeback and Lola is bringing her city along for the ride. The South has had the rap game in a choke hold for a hot minute, so it is refreshing to hear Lola bringing that New York feel back into the game. I grew up back when regional hip hop dominated, and to be honest I miss those days. It was cool back then, when artist would spit and you knew instantly where they were from before the melting pot of styles that we have today. “So Disrespectful” by Lola is New York at its finest and it is exactly what the game has been missing.

If you are a fan of New York hip hop of yesteryear, then Lola Brooke is what you have been longing for. So fire up YouTube and peep the latest visual of her banger “So Disrespectful.

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