Lloyd Snatches Up Teddy Riley For New Single “Slow Wine Bass Line.”

The genre of traditional R&B has been on a continuous decline. The greats have become reclusive and the legendary groups have mostly disbanded, while the current brand of R&B has evolved into an almost entirely new genre. Yet a few artists still try to keep remnants of traditional R&B alive. Lloyd who falls in the aforementioned category has come thru with his newest single called “Slow Wine Bass Line.” The record finds Lloyd crooning seductively over a Keith Sweat sample (“Right And A Wrong Way“). To add to the nostalgia, the legendary Teddy Riley is also featured on the track. It has been two years since Lloyd dropped off his last album “TRU“, so with new single in tow, it is safe to say that a new album is on the way. Take a listen to “Slow Wine Bass Line” by Lloyd featuring Teddy Riley below.

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