Lil Yachty Grabs Drake & Da Baby For New Single “Oprah’s Bank Account”.

Lil Yachty is prepping the release of his upcoming album “Lil Boat 3” and to drum up anticipation he has dropped a new single titled “Oprah’s Bank Account“. To add to the hype, Yachty snatched up Drake and Da Baby to lend guest vocals to the track. Yet even on paper, this pairing seemed destined to fail. As a fan, never have I ever wanted a Lil Yachty, Drake and Da Baby collaboration. My gut instinct did not fail me because after a couple of listens, I can safely say that this record has no replay value. The best thing going for this song, is the Director X helmed video. Hopefully Yachty’s next single can booster the hype that this single failed to deliver.

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