Lil Uzi Vert Gifts Fans With Surprise Release of “Eternal Atake”.

After what has seemed like ages, Lil Uzi Vert’s second studio album “Eternal Atake” has finally come out of hiding. Uzi announced this album over two years ago, which had some fans starting to put the album in the Dr.Dre – Detox realm. Whether it was label drama or Lil Uzi threatening retirement, the fans felt the album still needed to come out. Yet to the surprise of everyone, “Eternal Atake” dropped today with no warning.

Totaling 18 tracks, wit 2 of those tracks being Uzi’s most recent singles “That Way” and “Futsal Shuffle 2020“, the album is shaping up to be pure heat. Syd (from the group The Internet) is being credited as the only feature, while Uzi handles all the heavy lifting on the mic. So without further ado, jump on the mothership and take a listen to Lil Uzi Vert’s – “Eternal Atake” below…..

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