Lil Duval Picks Valentine’s Day To Drop Off His R&B Flavored Record.

What better way to bring in Valentine’s Day than a Lil Duval R&B track featuring Jacquees and Tank. I must admit, my expectations for this song was in the basement. Even with two r&b heavy weights, I was thinking that there is no way on God’s green earth that this collaboration would work. Welp, I could not have been more wrong. The track is actually dope. Not like “Keith Sweat classic” dope but this joint will “sound good in the car” dope. Jacquees and Tank do what they do best by giving us some lusty crooning while Duval play the role of “guest rapper” feature. If you were expecting a comedy record, you will be highly disappointed. With the today’s current crop of r&b infused tunes, this record will definitely mesh well. Take a listen to “Nasty” by Lil Duval featuring Jacquees and Tank.

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