Let’s Revisit….. “Address It” By LPB Poody.

LPB Poody dropped the single “Address It” to little fanfare back in October 2019. Besides his core audience, no one was really checking for the record, so it flew under the radar. The origins of the track was actually a diss aimed at  former collaborator 9lokknine, yet neither party could have ever imagined that a track intended for ill will would turn out to be a potential club smash. The track was brought back to prominence by the social media platform Tik Tok. A snippet of the beginning of the track made it’s rounds on the social media behemoth and the rest is history.

“Bitch, I got it off the muscle/ He wanna fight, I don’t tussle…” “Uh, I’m talkin’ bout…. Mmm, mmm, mmm,mmm,….” LPB Poody

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