Kiana Ledé Opens Up About Love, Trauma, And Forgiveness On ‘Grudges’

Whoever said that R&B is a dying genre of music is clearly not in tune with the music that is flooding the internet. R&B songstress, Kiana Ledé has just released her newest body of work and it is without a doubt a great example of R&B greatness.

Kiana Ledé is back and ready to move on with her life. With her new album, “Grudges“, the 26-year-old shares her journey of healing and forgiveness after going through a painful breakup. The 17 track album is a master course in dealing with the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship and the emotions that come with it

The album comes three years after her debut album “KIKI“, which revealed her range and depth as an R&B singer. Since then, Ledé has been working on improving her skills and her well-being.

One of the most touching tracks on the album is “Deserve”, which she wrote about the person who sexually assaulted her. Other notable songs include “Jealous” with Ella Mai, “Gone” with Bryson Tiller and the single from the album “Irresponsible“.

Grudges” is a reflection of Ledé’s journey towards healing and forgiveness. She admits that she’s still bitter about some things, but she’s also hopeful for the future. “Grudges” is a showcase of Ledé’s talent and resilience, and a reminder that healing is not easy, but worth it. Let me know what do you think about the album in the comments.

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