Jim Jones vs Pusha T: The Rap Beef That Rocked Paris Fashion Week

Pusha T and Jim Jones have been two of the most influential and respected rappers of the 2000s, each leading their own groups (Clipse and The Diplomats, respectively) and carving their own lanes in the hip-hop landscape. But recently, the two veterans have been at odds, trading shots and subliminals on podcasts and in their music.

The beef started earlier this year, when Jim Jones was asked about Pusha T’s ranking on a list of the greatest rappers of all time by Billboard and VIBE. Jones, who made the list at No. 48, questioned Pusha T’s credentials and legacy, saying that he only rapped about cocaine and had not done anything significant in his career. Jones also mocked Pusha T’s fashion choices, implying that he was out of touch with the culture.

Pusha T, who is known for his lyrical prowess, did not respond immediately to Jones’ comments. However, he apparently had something up his sleeve, as he debuted a new song with his brother No Malice at Pharrell’s first Louis Vuitton show in Paris on June 21st. The song, which is reportedly titled “Chains n’ Whips”, features a verse from Pusha T that seems to be aimed at Jim Jones.

The song was played as Pusha T and No Malice walked the runway in front of a boatload of celebrities. The performance was also a rare reunion for Clipse, who have not released an album together since 2009’s “Til The Casket Drops” .

Jim Jones reacted to the song on Instagram, posting a video of himself laughing and asking if Pusha T was serious. In true hip hop fashion, Capo hit up the studio and concocted his response in a diss track titled “Summer Collection“.

The beef between Pusha T and Jim Jones is not likely to end anytime soon, as both rappers have loyal fanbases and strong opinions. It remains to be seen if they will continue to exchange words on wax or on social media, or if they will squash their differences peacefully. Either way, the rap world is watching closely.

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