Jay Electronica’s Long Awaited Debut Album “A Written Testimony” Has Finally Arrived.

Jay Electronica did what everyone thought would never happen and that was drop his debut studio album. Jay was once hailed by the hip hop purists as the savior of hip hop, especially doing a time when many felt the genre was degrading. He burst on the scene in 2007 with his debut mixtape (Act 1: Eternal SunshineThe Pledge) and the anticipation for a full length album was soon ushered in. Yet for years, all Jay Electronica delivered were single loosies and broken promises concerning album release dates. So as the years went by, they hype behind the man known as Jay Electronica dwindled.

Then in a surprise announcement from the elusive artist at the beginning of February, Jay stated that his debut album would arrive in 40 days. To be honest, most fans probably thought it was more fiction than fact. Release dates had been announced in the past and nothing had never came to fruition. But to our surprise, here today, we finally get “A Written Testimony” the debut album from Jay Electronica.


Clocking in at 10 tracks ( well actually 9 tracks and 1 skit ) and featuring plenty of Jay Z, the album is sure to satisfy Electronica fans for years to come. Hov shows up on almost all the tracks and is the literally the first rapper you hear on the album. The-Dream and Travis Scott are a few other notable big names who lend their vocals to the album. Majority of the production is handled by Electronica himself, yet Swizz Beatz and Hit-Boy as well as other heavy hitters provide instrumentals for the project. With Electronica’s erratic release schedule, lets enjoy this project because it may be another decade before we get any new music from the man, the myth, the legend….. Jay Electronica.

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