In My Unpopular Opinion… pt.2

Mind Your Business Boosie! I Said What I Said!

Recently, the entertainment headlines have been buzzing about the family of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. The Wade family was thrust toward the forefront of news everywhere because of their decision to support the transgender transformation of their former 12 year old son Zion, now 12 year old daughter Zaya Wade. The headline has been gaining momentum since June of 2019, back when Dwyane Wade displayed public support of Zaya formally Zion at the Miami Pride Parade. Wade as well as his wife Gabrielle Union, have shown and continued to show support for the LGBTQ+ community following the backlash that started bubbling up. Yet just like anything else that hits the internet, everyone has decided to come thru with an opinion that no one asked for.

The first to step up to the plate with an unsolicited opinion is the one and only Boosie Badazz. Boosie is known for giving his take on any and everything. Yet sometimes there comes a point where your opinion should be kept to yourself and I’m sure that this is one of those occasions. I understand that everyone has beliefs which we are all entitled to. With that being said, remember that your beliefs are YOUR beliefs. No one is required to share the same beliefs. So if Dwyane Wade chooses to show unwavering support for his daughter, well that is his choice. Yet if an individual decides that they do not agree with Wade, who cares?, so what? At the end of the day, WE are not living in the Wade’s house hold so we need to mind our own business. It is simple as that.

Mind Your Own Damn Business!

The “Mind Your Business” part is where Boosie dropped the ball. Mr. Badazz decided to jump on the “Gram” and voice his displeasure of decisions that are being made in a household where he does not occupy. Do you all see the irony here?

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