Huey, The Rapper Known For His “Pop,Lock & Drop It” Track Was Killed In His Home State Of Missouri.

Huey burst on the rap scene in 2006 when he released the infectious single “Pop,Lock & Drop It“. The song was an immediate hit and even spawned a remix featuring Bow Wow and T-Pain. Huey would later go on to drop his debut album “Notebook Paper” and would become relatively quiet in the coming years. Yet I would have not expected that the next time Lawrence Franks Jr. aka Huey would show up on my radar would be concerning his death. The rapper was shot and killed in his home state of Missouri at the tender age of 31. At the present time, no arrests have been and the investigation into the murder is ongoing. Rest in Heaven to a young man who lost his life to a sense act of violence.

RIP Lawrence Franks Jr. aka Huey (1/1/1989 – 6/25/2020)

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