From Viral Hit To Certified Smash, Drake’s “Toosie Slide” Is Officially Here.

Drake is in a different stratosphere from most rappers and that is not more apparent than now. A snippet of a leaked track called “Toosie Slide” made its debut on Tik Tok and instantly became a viral hit. Toosie (ATL dancer) along with hip hop dancers/duo Ayo & Teo shared the snippet along with a choreograph danced and fans began clamoring for the songs release. Drake gladly obliged and within days the track had hit the net.

Drizzy even took it a step further and released the visuals to add to the intrigue. The video finds Drake dancing around his Toronto mansion, self isolating, wearing mask and gloves. Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic is literally effecting everything. By video’s end, Drake has took his dancing outside flanked by fireworks. So as we weather this pandemic, head over to your favorite social media app and I am sure the “Toosie Slide” is making it’s presence known. Peep the visuals below.

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