Fresh Out Of The Lab, Looni Returns With His Newest EP Titled “No Signal.”

I have let it be known on a few occasions that Literally Looni is one of my favorite artist out of the 229. So when word go out that he had new material dropping, I instantly headed to Spotify to take a listen.

Looni is back with his latest release titled “No Signal” and after a few listens, I can honestly say it is worth putting on repeat.

Looni’sNo Signal” is a compelling EP that showcases the artist’s unique style and sound in the world of rap. The album features 8 tracks that take listeners on a journey through Looni’s life, experiences, and emotions.

The EP opens with “Abnormal,” a hauntingly beautiful track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Over a sparse guitar riff melody, Looni delivers introspective lyrics about the struggles he has faced in his life.

I done risked a arm, and a leg, and a hand too / Pray with me, don’t pray for me, I don’t know who you praying too

One of the standout tracks on the EP is “The Howling,” which sees Looni at his most vulnerable. Over a soulful beat, he opens up about the pain and heartbreak he has experienced in his personal life. This track is a powerful reminder of the importance of vulnerability and the healing power of music.

Another highlight on the EP is “Light Pole,” a track that showcases Looni’s lyrical prowess. The beat is infectious, and Looni’s flow is unmatched, delivering bars with razor-sharp precision. This track is a perfect example of Looni’s ability to create songs that not only entertain but also make listeners think.

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