Drake Surprises Fans With Release Of “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” Mixtape.

Drake is arguably one of the biggest hip hop artist in the world. So whenever he decides to release new music, it is something like a big deal. 2020 started off with a few leaks from Drake which had his fans assuming that a new album was on the way. Well Drake decided to put the rumors to rest and took to Instagram to let the world know his plans.

Not only did Drizzy let his fans know that he was releasing a new mixtape, he also mentioned that his 6th album would be dropping this summer. The aforementioned mixtape titled “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” finds the artist packaging a collection of demos, unreleased and leaked music all together. Guest such as Chris Brown, Future and Fivio Foreign show up for the 14 track affair. Well as we wait to hear what the 6 God has cooked for his 6th album, let’s enjoy “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” below.

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