Capo Jet Puts On For The 912 With Latest Single, “Jet Talk”.

Once again, while strolling down the abyss of craziness known as Facebook, I came across an artist repping out of Statesboro, Ga. I could not find a lot of info on the artist besides the fact that his name was Capo Jet, yet he had a video that I peeped that caught my attention. The video was for a joint called “Jet Talk” and after a few listens, the record was stuck in my head. There was no denying that the record was head nod material, so it made me want to check out more from Capo Jet. I never did find much info on Jet, but I did come across an Instagram and his Audiomack profile which contained a mixtape from him titled “No Effort“. If you are looking for a dope artist out of 912 to peep, check out the visual for “Jet Talk” by Capo Jet and let me know what you think in the comments.

Follow on Instagram at ——> @Capo.Jet

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