Can Brooklyn’s H-D Step Away From The Jay-Z Comparisons?

Repping out of Brooklyn, the artist known as H-D is back on our radar. The mc gained national attention with his voice which sounds extremely similar to one of the most famous Brooklynites in the world, Jay-Z. Now when you flow and sound like one of the greatest of all times, the comparisons will constantly manifest. Yet the question arises, can H-D set his self apart? Before him, the “clone” artist has actually prospered. We had Action Bronson sounding like Ghostface, Your Ol Droog sounding like Nas and we can not forget about Shyne sounding like Biggie, so clearly there is a lane for the “clone” artist. So we shall see if H-D can have that breakout hit and infiltrate the mainstream. I am actually rooting for the guy, so take a listen to a few of his tracks below.

H-D gets political with the track “Amerika’s Recipe (Tulsa)”

Peeps the visual for “Ghetto Sunday” by H-D

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