“Called It Love”: The New Single By Gen Neo That Will Make You Feel All The Emotions.

Sometimes great music can come from the most surprising places. Gen Neo, a Singaporean singer popped up on my radar after one of my many listen to the Joe Budden podcast. The track they played was called “Called It Love” and it was pure R&B greatness. At first impression, he gave me this Giveon feel and I would have bet top dollar that he was black. But as you can see, clearly I was wrong.

Gen Neo smoked this track and by doing so, earned me as a new fan. Whatever he has on the horizon, better believe I will be checking for it. If Singapore has talent bubbling like this, I’m ready to see what other talent is waiting. If you have been longing for some dope R&B music with a 90’s feel, look no further than Gen Neo and his latest single “Called It Love“. Let me know what you think of the track in the comments.

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