Boldy James Delivers A Great Work Of Art With New Release, “The Price Of Tea In China”.

There are moments in hip hop when it seems that essence of the genre is long gone, then there are moments when you realize that hip hop is here to stay. This Boldy James and The Alchemist collaboration falls in the latter category. Boldy James has never been a slouch on the mic, but lately he has been finding his niche. First linking up with The Alchemist back 2013, when they released their first collaborative effort, “My 1st Chemistry Set“, the duo returns with their latest effort “The Price Of Tea In China“. The Detroit mc gives us 12 tracks, all laced by The Alchemist with very few features. Vince Staples and Griselda’s own Benny The Butcher show up in the feature list, as well as a few others. Apparently the connection between James and Benny was so organic that Griselda eventually inked James to a record deal. Clearly this was a win-win situation for the hip hop community.

Boldy James spews that gritty, cold, drug laced, story telling tales that flow effortlessly over The Alchemist haunting production. The end product has hip hop purists praising this album as one of the best to drop this year, which is not a small feat. So if you have been longing for what’s missing in hip hop, well look no further, “The Price Of Tea In China” is it.

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